About Austin Square Baptist Church



img_0251-2Austin Square Baptist Church is a Reformed Baptist church dedicated to upholding the truth of the Gospel in the city of Lynn, MA.

The following points reflect the theological convictions that make Austin Square Baptist Church what it is today. We believe these convictions reflect the truth of scripture and seek to practice our faith in accordance with these principles.

  1. The Authority, Reliability, and Sufficiency of Scripture
  2. Ministry of the Word, to the Glory of God
  3. Christ Centered and God-Exalting Worship
  4. Upholding God’s Sovereign Grace in Salvation 
  5. Servant Leadership Modeled by Elders and Deacons
  6. We Are a Confessional Church: 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith (Second London)


img_0251-2Our beliefs are expressed in our Articles of Faith, and our Confession of Faith.

Why We Are Here

We are gathered to glorify our Sovereign God by exalting Him in worship, through making and maturing disciples for Christ, and faithfully serving our community in the power of the Spirit – all according to His Word.

How We Get There

Resting in the Sovereign grace of God alone, we will accomplish this mission by:

  1. Worshiping our Sovereign LORD in Spirit and in Truth – using the regulative principle from the Word
  2. Growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through attending to purposeful biblical instruction and discipleship
  3. Connecting with one another in love as brothers and sisters in Christ, through serving together in ministry and enjoying biblical fellowship
  4. Evangelizing the greater Lynn community and abroad through proclamation of the Gospel that includes reaching across cultural, racial and social boundaries

Who We Are

img_0251-2Austin Square is a Reformed Baptist (ARBCA), sovereign grace church that has upheld the truth of the Gospel in the city of Lynn, MA for over 100 years. We are situated in the middle of a community of over 125,000 and reach out to both our urban and suburban neighbors. We see around 100 worshippers out each Sunday, and minister to another associated 50 throughout the week. Austin Square seeks to conform to the high standards of the Bible in both faith and practice, and firmly upholds the doctrines of grace. In the traditions of Calvin, Edwards and Spurgeon, we retain many Reformed distinctives, even while remaining baptistic in our ordinances – with a strong emphasis on congregational contribution. We are also partnered with a Cambodian Fellowship that has met in our building for over 30 years.